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Inspired By Life Events

How I discovered the vital importance of preserving and cataloguing my photographs and building my  family legacy for future generations.

In the library with the family
Helping build your family legacy for current and future generations to enjoy.

Hi, my name is Bel. The idea of Photo Index Books and my holistic host of complementing services came to me after recent years experiencing the more difficult side of personal life. It's unfortunate, but the reality is that most of us will experience losing our loved ones at some stage of our lives. 

I can no longer ask my parents about our family history, my childhood, their lives, their parents and grandparents lives. This came as a shock to me as I sifted through the hundreds of photos from my parent's house. They were always there to satisfy my curiosity when I had questions about who I am, and about those who came before me. But now, as I sort through my parent's estate, I understand how important it is to collect, collate and bring together my family history, for myself and for generations after me. 

With every new generation we lose a bit of the old. We are so busy with our young lives, that we don't stop to think how important it is to preserve our family history. 

With professional background in photography, image scanning, book formatting and graphic design, my experience has equipped me with the knowledge to develop a holistic approach to a service and product that would benefit those who placed value on preserving and building a legacy for their family. By creating a photo index book or a family legacy volume with me, you can be assured that you will be preserving information that would otherwise be lost with each generation.

Collecting photos to put in a photo book is not enough. Future generations can't identify who is in those photos, the location and the year the photo was taken, unless the information is provided with the photograph.

Photo Index Books is a photo scanning, cataloguing, indexing, book designing business that aims to provide the complete package for those people who want to preserve and view their photos and family history with all their detail through an easily accessible digital and physical format.

​Don't wait until you're sorting through your parent's estate, like I did! Do it now, when you can ask your parents or grandparents about those who came before you. 

Start preserving your photos and family legacy now
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