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Family Portrait with 3 generations

Your Family Legacy

Creating your family's story for future generations

Your family is unique and requires an inclusive approach to documenting and showcasing all your family history in its many forms. Here at Photo Index Books, we create bespoke family volumes, complementing and combining both printed and digital formats together as a package to cater for those who appreciate the experience of leafing through their family stories and history in a printed book format, and the new generations who are more comfortable with accessing their family history in digital format. 

We are dedicated to helping your family create and preserve your own unique legacy. We understand the importance of gathering and recording your family stories, so that they are not forgotten as we move into each new generation. 

Who am I? What makes me, me?

We ask these questions throughout our lives. Having a comprehensive reference about our family ancestry, where our grandparents and parents lived or migrated from, what they did, their passions, their community and their people, and what was important to them, helps us understand who we are today.

Family Legacy volume

Our goal is to help you preserve your family's legacy, so that it can be cherished in this beautifully bound dedicated book, that will be passed down to future generations for years to come.

At Photo Index Books, we create custom volumes that capture your family’s history in a dynamic and interactive way. We take your personal stories, documents, photographs and movies, and turn them into a beautiful hardback cover book with a digital catalogue that can be shared with future generations.

What can be recorded and stored in your legacy book?

Granddaughter and grandmother

Elegant and visually descriptive family trees with family member biographies

We offer beautifully designed and visually elegant family tree and individual biographies. Your family legacy book will be designed to complement and reflect your family's style.

Family Photos

Photographs, slides, negatives, family movies and audio recordings.

Further, you can include, birth certificates, marriage certificates and death notices. Love letters, deeds, family correspondence and many other family documents


Photographs of family heirlooms, artworks, and crafts

Those special possessions that both describe the character and the history of your family and family members. Take photographs to remember them. Include them in your family legacy book.

More examples – Mum's recipes, Granddad's coin collections, family heirloom jewellery, medals and achievements. Anything that is unique to your family and to you, we can add this record into your Family Legacy Book.

Have some missing info in your family history that you'd like to find? We have specialist genealogists who can help you find the missing pieces you're looking for.

Family together enjoying dinner

We're passionate about telling your story and creating a lasting family legacy.  Helping you capture and preserve your family’s history gives us the greatest pleasure. Starting from $2500, our high-quality family volumes provide an intimate look into your family’s past, combining photos, stories and artwork into a unique and meaningful book. We also offer an array of other services designed to help you create a timeless legacy that will last for generations. Let us help you bring your family’s story to life.

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